The self-hosting photo server with photo management

PicApport is a photo server with web gallery for your intranet, web space or home network that allows you to organize photos, videos, PDF's, and many other mediatypes in a central location. Share, tag photos fully automatically with the integrated AI, edit metadata and find your photos in no time thanks to the intelligent search functions, the world map and much more.

With the convenient user management including role assignments, you decide which content and functions are available to your users. Optionally installable add-ons and plugins, as well as the integrated web API, allow you to run PicApport in a wide range of application scenarios. From small families to large businesses, with PicApport you get a management tool that adapts perfectly to your needs.

For those who want a secure, fast and sustainable photo archive.
No external cloud - GDPR compliant - Platform independent - Free for private users.

PicApport PhotoSync App

New smartphone App
PicApport PhotoSync

PicApport PhotoSync is an app for Android and iOS that allows you to transfer photos taken with your cell phone or tablet to your home PicApport photo server conveniently and, if you wish, even fully automatically.

Of course, without transferring your data to a cloud service.

PicApport takes care of a reasonable and freely configurable folder structure of the photos on the server. Metadata such as photo titles or tags are already conveniently captured on the cell phone and assigned to the images.

Events such as a family celebration or a customer visit can be defined with title and tags for a limited period of time even before a photo is taken. All shots in the time span of an event are then fully automatically synchronized with title and tags to the PicApport server.

For more information, check out our Wiki:     PhotoSync App Documentation
Or the PhotoSync site:  PhotoSync App

Likes & MyTags

With Likes and MyTags, a user-dependent tagging system is introduced for the first time in PicApport. Each user can now define private keywords which are not visible to other users by default.

Manage Metadata

With version 7, PicApport becomes a comprehensive management tool for your photo collection. All important metadata, including geo coordinates, can be edited easily, even for hundreds of photos at once.

Share photos

Photos can be easily shared with friends by simply creating a link for a selection of photos. Of course an expiration date can be assigned individually for each link.

Digital photo frame

Turn every tablet or smartphone (iOS, Windows, Android) a dynamic digital photo frame. PicApport is optimized to only transmit the necessary resolution. This makes the transfer as fast as if the photos were accessed locally.

Local Collections

From Version 3 PicApport can store your images on the devices connected to the network as 'local collections' to the browser. View your dynamic query without having connection to the server on which you want view!

.RAW and Plugins

Since version 4.0 PicApport supports the main .RAW image formats.
In addition, PicApport can now support many other image formats with plugins. You can find information about the handling and the creation of the plugins here: Plugins

100% private

None of your valuable photos have to be transferred to a provider. Our photo gallery supports SSL encryption for additional security.


All dynamic slideshows and collections are fully bookmarkable. Start your photo gallery like a native app by placing a bookmark on the home page of your smartphone or tablet.

Self-hosted photo gallery

Host your photos. Share individual photos or entire albums with our photo-management tool. User management gives you full control over your users permissions.


The integrated WebDAV server enables photo management from any WebDAV-enabled client.  PicApport Wiki WebDAV


A separate color scheme can be defined for each user account.  PicApport Wiki Themes


The PicApport Server has a well-documented  web-API interface and can thus be used for own projects.

New in PicApport 10: Autotagging

New in version 10
Integrated AI tagging

Experience the next generation of photo search! Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and OpenStreetMaps, tagging your photos is now easy, even fully automatic if you wish, and without transferring your images to the cloud. Artificial Intelligence analyzes your photos and recognizes image content, which is then stored in the photos' metadata.

Another highlight of the new version is the fully automatic tagging of new photos and videos using existing geo-coordinates via OpenStreetMap. The analyzed geodata then provides metadata such as countries, place names, points of interest, and more. All this metadata can then not only be managed with PicApport, but also found very easily via the search function.

Find exactly the photos you are looking for in a fraction of the time you would have needed with conventional search methods.

Download AI-Tagging Add-On:

For more information, please visit our Wiki:
 AI autotagging

New in PicApport: SSL with Let's Encrypt

SSL with Let's Encrypt

With version 8 it is possible to encrypt the PicApport server with SSL. PicApport automatically updates the Let's Encrypt certificate for you after a initial configuration.

Click here for the Let's Encrypt documentation:
  SSL with Let's Encrypt documentation

New in PicApport: GeoJSON files

Maps, Trails and GeoJSON files

Even with only medium sized photo collections the map can quickly become cluttered with markers. With the release of version 8 we decided to extend the GEO functionality. From now on you can display dynamic collections as markers and travel routes or other map information as GeoJSON files on the map.

Click here for the GeoJSON documentation:
  GeoJSON documentation

New in PicApport: Web API


An extensive and well-documented Web-API allows developers of apps or HTML pages to directly access and upload the photos and metadata stored in PicApport.

The following link shows an example of a photo gallery created with the Web-API:   Web-Api gallery
Click here for the documentation:   Web-Api documentation

New in PicApport: View images with geotag on the map


With modern cameras and smartphones, you have the option to tag photos with GPS coordinates. With this information PicApport can now show your photos on a map. Create photo collections by selecting photos from a particular map section. (Local and Dynamic).

  check out the Online-Demo (just click on the globe)
  quick guide

New in PicApport: Photo management software - Manage metadata - User tags (MyTags)

Likes & MyTags
+Manage Metadata

Managing your photo collection is finally fun again. Users can now easily "like" photos from any device that has access to the server and even set their own "user" tags (keywords). This greatly simplifies the search for images.

If a user is authorized to do so, he can now also set title, description, rating, keywords, people and other metadata comfortably, even for multiple photos at once. Configurable quickbuttons for keywords and people make it possible to tag a large number of pictures quickly and easily.

The GEO tagging of photos is now supported directly via the built-in map module. Just select the photos to be tagged and click on the corresponding place on the map and the selection, no matter how many, will be provided with a click with GPS data.

  PicApport Wiki: Edit photo metadata"

New in PicApport: Share your photos

Share your photos

You can now share your photos easily with your family and friends. With just one click PicApport generates a link to all the selected photos you want to share. As an option you can even set an expiration date for the link that has been created.

This feature requires that your server is accessible from the Internet.

New in PicApport: User Management

User management and uploads

The user management together with the upload feature turns every PicApport installation into a fully functional Family-Photo-Server.

Learn more: PicApport Wiki: User management and report about our private photo server PicApport

The german press about
PicApport Photo-Server

The following links provide more information about what the press says about PicApport Photo-Server:

New in PicApport: Save images to your browser

Local photo collections

With the new technology IndexedDB it is now possible to save your photos on almost every browser as 'Local Collections'. Access your photos without a connection to the server. Try it. Equal to itself in our online demo Either you define yourself as a query "animals" and select Submit after interrogation in the right top menu "save photos locally" the point. After entry of a name for the collection of the name you select appears on the start menu "Local Collections" with a thumbnail. But you can also simply a previously saved 'Dynamic query' on the right-aligned menu add to the local collections.

Either you define a query yourself eg. "plants ***> 2010" after submitting your query, go to the top right menu and choose "save as local collection". After entering a name for the collection, in the menu "Local collection" on the mainpage there will be now your local collection with a thumbnail and your chosen name.

PicApport: The electronic picture frame with slide show function

Digital Photo Frame a re-interpreted slideshow

Turn your device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) into a digital picture frame. Wallowing photo albums belongs to the past! With PicApport you can quickly retrieve your photos in a nice format. If you already have saved queries, you just press

PicApport: Search your photos using Metadata

Photo queries with metadata

Find your pictures faster with metadata search!
You can quickly find your pictures by date, camera model, lens, focal length, etc. or you give your photos # tags and ratings. Once you have configured a filter, you can easily save it as a bookmark!

For example:
Go to "Dynamic collection" and chose "Animals"!

Easy and fast installation

Easy installation

An installer is included for installations on Windows systems. The application file (.exe file) can easily be started and installs PicApport.
The OS-independent server can be installed on all common platforms, such as Windows, Linux or macOS. A Docker image is also available.

No applet installation required

No app installation needed

Simply enter the PicApport URL in the web browser and then save as a favourite on your desktop. So it appears to be an app.

Still have questions?

PicApport can do much more! You can find out more in the User Manual.
Try the online demo! Or send us your request using the contact form.