Photo gallery plugins - for .RAW, .PDF, .PSD, .TIFF and more

Plugins for PicApport photo server with photo gallery

For administrators

Again and again we were asked whether PicApport except .jpg files yet other formats. Since version 4.0, other file formats can be installed via plug-ins.

Because there are so many different file formats for images, we decided to share the plug-in interface. The example plug-ins for gif, png and pdf files we created, are available in the source code for download.

All informations about Plugins in our   PicApport-Wiki   in   PicApport Plug-in Guide  

How to install the plugins

  • Create Plug-in-directory: ..../.picapport/plugins
  • Copy contents of the zip file into the plug-ins directory
  • restart PicApport

The following files contain the plugins to extend PicApports supported file formats:

Download Supported file formats
PicApportDcRawPlugin Canon, Nikon, Sony,... details
PicApportJavaImagePlugin .gif, .png,...   details
PicApportPdfPlugin .pdf
PicApportVideoThumbnailPlugin Installer
Please see installation instructions in our Wiki:
   PicApport Plug-in Guide
.mp4, .avi, flv,...   details

For Developers of Plug-ins

To create a PicApport plug-in is very simple. Necessarily read the PicApport-Plugin-Guide .In the source code is an example of how it works.

The following two files contain the sourcecode of our plugins:

Download Supported file formats
PicApportDcRawPlugin-src Canon, Nikon, Sony,... details
PicApportJavaImagePlugin-src .gif, .png,...   details
PicApportPdfPlugin-src .pdf
Please see installation instructions in our Wiki:
   PicApport Plug-in Guide
.mp4, .avi, flv,...   details
Attention - The following Plugins are included in the current installer
  • PicApportJavaImagePlugin
  • PicApportPdfPlugin
  • PicApportDcRawPlugin