Download PicApport self-hosted private photo server with photo gallery and photo management

v7.2.00 -> Changelog Windows Linux macOS Checksum MD5
PicApport Installer d4677f9902e169e36514cd164c67619a
PicApport.exe 18924b3fd432f786c6ad79a50eb3c0b7
PicApport.jar 2a256d9ca86225fa83233d921eb57e83
PicApport-headless.jar 7739d25faf8aa3f85a31ab038a0064ef

Minimum requirement: Java version 1.8 → Download
Watch the installation guide video: → Install PicApport.dmg on Mac


Debian package for Linux


Debian package for Raspberry Pi

Attention - The following Plugins are included in the current installer

Download Plugins

If you want to use PicApport in your company please contact E-Mail.
We have a solution for you!
PicApport photo gallery - minimal Ubuntu Docker Container Download

Download Archiv

v6.3.06 Windows Linux MacOS Checksum MD5
PicApport Installer 6f33d47f8dc207d5813e2104e2f30ace
PicApport.exe 9403af78afe7700674f08fd3bb3bdb53
PicApport.jar eb005b2ae79ed0ba0042f686968e84f3
PicApport-headless.jar de8e170ef48c31c42f2b9de5558d11f6
v5.2.05 Windows Linux MacOS Checksum MD5
PicApport Installer v5.2.05 cba91016589d16afe96d711424c7e158
PicApport.exe v5.2.05 f013cdceb2c8e579f7cc53176ba19464
PicApport.jar v5.2.05 9c5c8c54b69690f3e5e738a2a4565869
PicApport-headless.jar v5.2.05 9b6f5858dcde8fa7547071ed527b13cb

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